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So if you know me, and my program (Red Hot Running Horses) I tend to be a “less is more” type of person and largely believe in the K.I.S.S. Method. (Keep it simple, stupid.)

I train my horses the same I would train myself. My workouts and intensity level based around my competition days. I follow a three day rule on hard workouts and soreness, which means if I need to do a butt kicking workout, it needs to be at least three days from a competitive run.

I outlined some of the benefits to aminos, which I will list below, but when doing research on a supplement I was largely disappointed. Then I started to learn about labeling terminology, which made me feel like unless I was buying a super expensive supplement, I was wasting my money. Many companies that list aminos on the analysis don’t have much at all in them or hardly any that’s useful to your horses digestion.

I challenge you to go look at a feed bag label. You see “Lysine?” If it’s not listed as an ingredient, they are just counting what lysine is already in alfalfa, or whatever plant its based with. Here’s the issue... because plants have thick cell walls, protein often can’t be absorbed until it reaches the hindgut, and the enzymes in charge of breaking protein down into aminos... is located in the foregut. What’s that mean? By the time a horse can access it, it might be too late.

By adding free form aminos to a horses diet, they are much easier for the horse to digest. I recently read an article that talked about targeted horse feeding, “doing a better job of just meeting the requirements, as opposed to throwing the kitchen sink at them,” (Dr. Spooner.)

So where do we start? The science on this is significantly behind the times. However there is ALOT of research readily available in people. I am naturally a suspicious person, so unless I see it cited by scientific studies, I just don’t believe it. >>I don’t want to buy a supplement when only the supplement company says it’s good! <<

I challenge YOU to do your own research on aminos and their benefits. I am not “reinventing the wheel.” My goal simply is to take out all the ingredients that are not needed or that are actually bad for the horses. I wanted an ingredients list I could understand.

I want to KNOW what my horses are consuming.

I am not here to sell a bajillion dollars in supplements, I do not plan to set up at shows, but I’ll be happy to bring some with me when I’m going anyway. My goal was to make a product I wanted to give my own horses, that helps my own program. I hope it helps yours too, because I’m only as tough as my competition.



  • Increase Muscle Growth

  • Decrease Muscle Soreness

  • Reduce Exercise Fatigue!

  • Prevent Muscle Wasting

  • Assist in creation and growth of muscles, connective tissues and more.

  • Improve Digestion

Daily Aminos in people help to:

  • Increasing tolerance to pain during exercise so that athletes can push themselves further during training

  • Modifying the way the body perceives fatigue, prolonging how long athletes can perform before fatigue sets in

  • Decreasing the duration of recovery from overtraining

  • Improving immune function for less frequency of illness or infection

  • Improving performance in aerobic training

  • Supporting blood flow for improved endurance

  • Improving the development of lean muscle mass and overall strength

  • Improving antioxidant production to reduce cellular damage

  • Providing anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effects to reduce damage to muscles

  • Helping prevent muscle wasting (in conjunction with resistance training)

  • Enhancing how your body metabolizes fats during exercise

I am newer to CBD, I have used aminos for years, and CBD the past six months or so, however I have heard COUNTLESS testimonials from friends and colleagues on the benefits of CBD, so we incorporated it in the FOCUS. CSU studies showed CBD in horses to not slow their feet or function, but ease anxiety, along with a plethora of other benefits. I am very excited to incorporate this on some of my horses, as I feel they are all individuals and just like people, some struggle with anxiety. The added bonus is being able to help naturally with joint pain and osteo issues, it was a no brainer!


  • Naturally shown to relieve pain.

  • Reduces Anxiety and Stress.

  • Reduces Inflammation.

  • Improves Digestion and can help with Ulcers.

  • Can improve focus and reduce stress but does not produce a “dopey and sedated animal” per Colorado State University Studies.


Tricia Aldridge is a Barrel Horse Trainer out of Sanger Texas. She has competed at nearly every level of Barrel Racing and takes her knowledge of exercise regimens and competitions into design of these products.


"I personally drink aminos everyday and have noticed a considerable difference in my own muscle soreness when exercising being on and off of them. I wanted to create a product that helped my horses, but mostly I wanted to be able to KNOW each and every ingredient, and that was my basis for creating the Red Hot Aminos." 

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